PiQoo grill

Grill, fire bowl, fire basket and stool in one. Can be taken anywhere with the high-quality carrying bag and can be combined with the BigQube Gas as an insert.

The new, versatile charcoal grill

With the PiQoo grill we have developed a cool Corten steel charcoal grill that offers several functions. Classically it is a small, square charcoal grill with the dimensions 290 x 290 mm and a height of 200 mm. Thanks to the handle openings on the sides, it can be carried like a crate. It is stackable, making it easy to increase the height of the grill or seat. The scope of delivery includes a high-quality stainless steel grill grate with a thickness of 3 mm.

No matter where you are, your PiQoo grill or fire basket is there - on your terrace, at friends' or at the lake.
With the griddle made of 3mm thick stainless steel, the PiQoo can be used as a portable charcoal grill.
The PiQoo as a charcoal grill
With a grilling area of approx. 290 x 290 mm, the charcoal grill offers enough space for at least 2 people to grill.
The PiQoo as a fire bowl
Grill out – firewood in. You get a stylish fire basket or fire bowl that you can take anywhere.
The PiQoo as a stool/shelf
With the optionally available support board made of a CDF plate, the PiQoo charcoal grill can be used as a stool or additional storage.
Combined BigQube gas grill & PiQoo open fire

We designed the PiQoo grill to work with our BigQube gas fire plate grill . This means that it is now possible to combine the advantages of a gas grill with the charm of an open fire.

On the BigQube gas fire plate you can grill quickly and at a controlled temperature while you grill with charcoal in the PiQoo or create the right atmosphere with a crackling wood fire.

The PiQoo accessories

PiQoo carry bag
With the high-quality carrying bag made of robust truck tarpaulin, the PiQoo grill can easily be taken anywhere.
Support board
The support board consists of a CDF plate and is perfect as a stool or shelf on the PiQoo grill.
Cork coasters
There is a cork coaster so that you can also place your PiQoo grill on a table or a sensitive surface.
Grill grate handle
With the grill grate handle, the stainless steel grill grate can be placed perfectly on the grill or removed.

Design your outdoor kitchen in 3D!

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