Waste module for outdoor kitchen


Waste module for the outdoor kitchen:
With waste drawer and storage space

Module: 556 x 600 x 870 mm (W/D/H)

The 7cm thick concrete look worktop is 100% waterproof.
We recommend quickly removing dirt such as oil or bird droppings and using a suitable cutting board to cut meat or other foods.


A waste bin also belongs in a real outdoor kitchen. Because when grilling or cooking, there is always some waste or you want to dispose of the leftovers. The waste module has an approx. 25 cm high drawer with two removable aluminum waste containers integrated in the upper part. Drawer open – waste in – drawer closed. Simple, fast and clean.

There is enough storage space under the drawer.

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 107 cm
Module width

560 mm

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