HellBoy 800°C top heat grill


Top heat grill for perfect steaks

  • Complete stainless steel case
  • Double-walled and stable
  • Removable grate trays
  • Easy operation
  • Easiest cleaning
  • Safe piezo ignition
  • Gas connection with pressure reducer and ignition safety device

* Bulky goods


Due to the extremely high temperature of the ceramic burner, the meat changes its structure within seconds. This means less meat juice escapes. The meat remains very juicy and tender on the inside. The extreme heat creates a perfectly caramelized crust on the outside – the so-called Maillard reaction. Because the burner sits above the meat, the dripping fat does not produce any toxic fumes that would make the meat bitter.

The HellBoy was tested by the GWI according to the requirements of DIN EN 498. The measurement results confirm that the top heat grill meets the requirements of the test specifications.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 51 × 22.5 × 41 cm

3mm stainless steel

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